Cataract Testimonials


I have worn glasses, since I was five years old, so 53 years.

I chose a lifestyle lens because I wanted the newest, best for my eyes. I had the rest of my life to see, and I wanted the best.

My vision now is perfect. Up close, intermediate vision, driving, it’s just beautiful. And after wearing glasses so long I cannot tell you what it means to me to be able to see without glasses.



My vision was always a little weak. And through the years it got a little weaker and more difficult to see.

Since my retirement, I’ve picked up shooting sporting clays as a good hobby with my friends. After the procedure Dr. Prater performed on me, I have a little bit more confidence now and the fact that they don’t disappear in midair like they used to just makes it all that much more of an enjoyable sport.

I have found that the doctors and staff at Mattax Neu Prater are very genuine and sincere when they’re taking care of you.



I struggled with glasses or contacts. No matter which one I tried to use, there was always an issue that would pop up in an emergency many times.

My vision after cataract surgery is 20/20. The clarity, the brightness, the color is just pure. I am totally glasses-free and that is exactly what my goal was. I can see up close. I can see distance. It's fantastic. I could not be happier.

The best way I can describe the doctors and staff here, they’re someone I’d send my mother to.



On the day of my surgery, I was very relaxed and covered in blankets to keep warm. It was a very easy day and all the providers were really terrific.

I went in the following morning and they examined my eye to make sure that the lens was properly placed. They took the shield off and I had 20/15 vision in my right eye, and I could read the bottom line on their eye chart.

Since having my cataract surgery, my day-to-day life has improved dramatically. I was scheduling my life around my vision problems and I don't have to do that anymore.

If you were nervous about having the cataract surgery, I would say talk to me. I'm happy to tell you it was easy, it was fast. Mattax Neu Prater really made it a pleasant experience.



I started wearing glasses when I was like 7 or 8 years old.

After my cataract surgery was completed my vision was 20/15 as opposed to even 20/20. And I think that they were even surprised I was able to read the bottom line of the chart which was a miracle!

To me, when you have the group of Mattax Neu Prater and the legacy of what they have in Springfield, the years that they've been here, the credentials that they have, there is a trust factor, because what else can there be?

It's a life changer. I'm really bothered that I waited this long. But I know what white is right now, and I know what the spectrum of colors are, and it's incredible!



Before my cataract surgery, I wore glasses for 60 years.

As a wood carver, when my cataracts started getting worse, I couldn't do any detailing in my carvings. I reverted to having a big magnifying glass above my workbench, and that is not the easiest way to work.

The people at Mattax Neu Prater are very knowledgeable. They explain things quite well. Dr. Ken Neu did a very professional job. I would recommend him to anybody.

After my cataract surgery, I went in for my checkup. They checked my vision and said that it was right on, it was perfect vision without glasses!

Carving is a whole lot easier than it used to be. Because of the better vision, I can see where I've been, what I'm doing. Everything comes out looking a whole lot better.



I had to alter everything I did based on the development of cataracts. I had to eliminate driving in the afternoons, driving when it was raining, driving at night, and I had to really think before I went down the stairs.

As a needle artist, I really love to work with color. I realized I could no longer enjoy or get my colors the way I wanted them, so I began to do less and less stitching. I finally put my sewing aside. It was just no longer something I could do.

I knew I had to do something about my sight. I wanted someone with experience. I chose Dr. Prater at Mattax Neu Prater for my surgery. From the time I came in the door until I left after my after-surgery checkup, my experience was absolute comfort. Mattax Neu Prater has a wonderful system for taking care of their patients. Your appointment is made on your schedule, then you come in and you are handled politely and courteously. I was met at the door. I was in, and I was out, it was done, then I went out for breakfast.

You are treated like an individual and everyone takes an interest in making sure that you are satisfied. That is very refreshing in today's world.

I selected the multifocal lens for my vision correction. I noticed the clarity immediately, and the color was so improved. I was beside myself, so excited. Within a week my vision was clearer than it had ever been as long as I can remember.

And the new multifocal lens has enabled me to enjoy detail work. I can do my stitching again, and I am amazed at how I can thread a needle. I can drive at night. I'm really pleased.



Wearing trifocals is a nuisance. With the ReSTOR® lens [implants] my vision now is 20/20. I can read now at a normal distance without the use of glasses anymore. In fact, I can even see at a distance without the use of glasses. I've kind of killed two birds with one stone. I was able to get my vision and the cataract taken care of at one time.

What I would like people to know about Dr. Mattax and Dr. Prater are that these gentlemen are very professional. They have a great bedside manner. They take a genuine interest in you. They're very, very good to talk to. They make sure you know what is going on. You can feel comfortable asking them any questions and you'll get answers.

The staff at Mattax Neu Prater treated me very well, very attentive and caring. They were wonderful. Everything there was just great, the way it should be.



I distinctly remember the first time I felt like I was having trouble seeing. I kept trying to wipe off a blurred spot on my sunglasses.

My vision now is perfect. It's still 20/15 in both eyes so now I have better vision than I had even when I was in my twenties.

It was like going from being able to see the world halfway, to being able to see the world in full vision like we're supposed to see.

The doctors are not there just doing a job, they\'re doing this because they have a gift, and their gift is to restore your vision.