LASIK laser vision correction at Mattax Neu Prater:

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What types of vision problems can be corrected with LASIK?

LASIK is designed to reshape the cornea to improve visual focus for those with...

How does iDesign 3-D mapping enhance LASIK results?

LASIK is only as precise as the diagnostic map that guides the surgeon during treatment.

A traditional LASIK procedure, based on the patient’s eyeglass prescription, can be very effective in reducing or eliminating the need for glasses and contact lenses, but it is also more generic. Modern diagnostic technology takes LASIK vision correction to the next level by providing an incredibly precise map for our surgeons to follow. At Mattax Neu Prater Eye Center, our surgeons use the iDesign Advanced WaveScan Studio System—the same technology used to help build NASA's new James Webb Space Telescope—to individually map and "fingerprint" your eye's unique characteristics. This information is then downloaded to the excimer laser and your specific pattern is treated. Studies show that iDesign System use contributes to significantly better results.


“I noticed an immediate change in my vision. The minute I got off the table I saw the numbers on the clock. I turned and looked at the faces in the room with me and could see details in their faces. I could see clearly for the first time in thirty years. It was an emotional experience. I actually cried, because it’s like being healed. I felt very blessed.”
- Lisa, Actual Patient