LASIK Testimonials


Before LASIK, my eyesight was awful. I wore glasses or contacts all the time. I couldn't go anywhere without them. If I didn't have something on, I was legally blind.

I chose Mattax Neu Prater because anyone I've ever talked to has said that is the place to go. All of the referrals that I've heard, my friends, I've got co-workers who have used Mattax. And I’ve heard nothing bad about them.

If you're thinking about having LASIK, the number one thing I would tell you is just go for it. There's absolutely nothing that I would say negative about this process.



In the 6th grade, I noticed a vision change and my parents took me to the eye doctor. I'm thirty years old so I've worn contacts for most of my life. As a school counselor, I found that my eyes got irritated working under the fluorescent lights all the time.

On the day of my procedure, the staff was welcoming. Dr. Prater has a very calming, soothing voice, so I really never got nervous at any point.

After my procedure, I noticed an improvement in my vision immediately. I sat up after my surgery and they pointed out the clock and when I could read it, I asked Dr. Prater if I could hug him!



Before I had LASIK I was wearing glasses for 25 years. Glasses and contacts do have an effect on how you live your life, the things that you can do or not do.

I wanted someone who was really experienced and that I felt I could really trust. I had checked into other providers and my decision to select Mattax Neu Prater was based on the trust they inspired when I came to their office. I talked to Dr. Mattax, talked to Melanie, and they really impressed me, just blew me away. They were very honest with me, they are abreast of the latest best technology, and I wanted to have the best available procedure.

My vision after the procedure is awesome. I'm actually reading at 20/15 now. I'm seeing things that I didn't even notice before-the details on a tree branch far away, and I can see the stars in the sky. I see the world through different eyes. It is great to just be able to wake up and get up and go in the morning and there's no hassle-I can literally jump into life.

The vision procedure was worth every penny. I highly recommend Mattax Neu Prater.



Before my LASIK procedure, my vision was very poor. At work, it was a challenge for multiply reasons.

I knew going in that my procedure wasn't going to be the typical procedure. Dr. Mattax was very calm, very reassuring, very friendly. He made you feel relaxed by his demeanor.

LASIK definitely eliminated more roadblocks than I ever thought it would. My first day back to work, I got the benefit of not having to constantly move my head to find just the right spot. Being able to sit at your desk, see your screen, not move your head around, and leave at the end of the day headache free is great.



Before I had LASIK, my vision was at 20/400, which did not allow me to see much at all without my glasses or contacts.

My vision now is amazing. I can see things that even with my glasses and contacts I couldn't see before. The clarity is wonderful. It's made a world of difference, just the security to know that my eyes are ready whenever I need to be going.

The doctors at Mattax Neu Prater are highly experience. They know how to treat their patients.



I was very anxious going into the procedure. The doctor was so calming. He described every single step before it happened and what I would experience.

My vision is 20/15, and I haven't had any trouble at all. It's allowed me to focus more on my job and not what I need to do to correct my vision. If you're thinking about LASIK, now is the time. It's worth the investment and it will improve your quality of life right away.

The doctors at Mattax Neu Prater are the most experienced and knowledgeable in Springfield. I was extremely impressed.


The Selvey Family: Grant, Melanie, and Tim

GRANT: I've worn glasses and contacts for about 12 years. My vision now is better than it has been my entire life. I had just a wonderful experience and that inspired my parents to have the procedure done as well.

MELANIE: Tim and I have both worn contacts for decades. Our son Grant told us that he was seeing great immediately afterward, but I don't think I actually believed it until I experienced it for myself. It's great.

TIM: We are very happy with the results. Now that I don't have to worry about dust getting under a contact lens, it's easier to carry on with the everyday duties of having a small farm. The doctors at Mattax Neu Prater are professionals.


My vision before LASIK was pretty bad, and I had worn contacts or glasses for about 30 years. I couldn't see the clock at night…I had to get really close to see the numbers. I couldn't see individual details of peoples' faces.

I selected Mattax Neu Prater because my ophthalmologist recommended them highly. The doctors and staff were very thorough, so when I left after my consult I felt very confident that I would have a great outcome, and I did.

Dr. Prater and his staff were very comforting, very reassuring and they made me feel calm. They told me everything that was going to happen. It was quick, over and done before I knew what was happening.

I noticed an immediate change in my vision. The minute I got off the table I saw the numbers on the clock. I turned and looked at the faces in the room with me and could see details in their faces. I could see clearly for the first time in thirty years. It was an emotional experience. I actually cried, because it's like being healed. I felt very blessed.

I wish I would have done it several years ago. My vision is 20/15, and it can't get much better than that.



I had worn glasses and contacts for at least 20 years. And since LASIK, my vision is 20/15! That's better than perfect and without contact lenses my life is now more convenient.

I selected Mattax Neu Prater because I trust their reputation and my eyesight is very important to me. Dr. Prater is very knowledgeable, very kind. I felt very comfortable trusting my eyesight to him. I would encourage others to seek his help.

It was very quick and very painless. I notice an improvement in about two to three hours. When I woke up from my nap I could see the alarm clock and the letters were clear. That was exciting.

I would tell someone who is considering LASIK to not put it off. Schedule a free exam and then make the decision, but don't put it off.